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AlgaSpring is the number one producer of  marine phytoplankton Nannochloropsis gaditana. This marine micro-algae can be applied in various applications for food, feed and aquaculture.

The Nannochloropsis gaditana project was started in 2009. To create the biggest producer of this micro-algae, AlgaSpring was founded early 2012.  By producing Nannochloropis gaditana, AlgaSpring aims to supply health products for food and feed applications which are produced in the most sustainable way.


E. Heimansweg 16
1331 AP Almere
The Netherlands

IBAN number Rabobank: NL81RABO0166438472          BIC Rabobank: RABONL2U


VAT-identification number: NL 8513.94267.B01              Chamber of Commerce: 54667.992


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Het Nannochloropsis gaditana project, NannoTechnology, is mede gefinancierd met steun van het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling van de Europese Commissie.



Hier wordt geïnvesteerd in uw toekomst. Dit project is mede mogelijk gemaakt dankzij een bijdrage uit het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling van de Europese Unie.