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Human nutrition

Make a smoothie or a special salad with plankton!

Marine phytoplankton Nannochloropsis gaditana: A healthy whole food!

The ultimate food source for healthy and sustainable living. The only natural source of vegan unrefined phospholipid EPA with a high level of polar lipids.

Besides this, marine phytoplankton contains other valuable nutrients. It is a natural and true green multi!

It contains phospholipid Omega 3’s, all essential amino acids, 55+ minerals, vitamins, iodine, antioxidants and pigments. Request a product datasheet for all nutritional details.

Marine phytoplankton is a natural, sustainable, vegetarian alternative for fish and krill (oil).

Marine phytoplankton healthy living

As food ingredient it can be used for flavouring, colouring, salt replacement or adding Omega 3 EPA to your product. Boost both the flavour and the nutritional value!

For food application we supply the marine phytoplankton Nannochloropsis gaditana as:

– Powder. An intense green powder with a light marine odor and strong Umami flavor
– Capsules. Vegetarian HPMC capsules (european produce) of 500 mg. Easy to take as a daily supplement
– Flakes. Ultra thin (10 microns) flakes for flavor enhancement of various dishes from seafood to salads and soups.

In Canada we supply marine phytoplankton powder and vega caps as MegaGreen.

More information here.

Marine phytoplankton flakes and capsules

All products are 100% marine phytoplankton Nannochloropsis gaditana. Zero additives like fillers, colouring agents or preservatives. Just the pure product with a shelf life of two years,

Contact us for more information or an offer. You can request a sample of our products here.

AlgaSpring is ISO22000 certified for food safe production. The marine phytoplankton powder is Kosher certified.

Food laws and regulations are different per country. So is the application of marine phytoplankton. AlgaSpring has for the sales of marine phytoplankton powder and marine phytoplankton vega capsules to consumers, product licenses (NPN 80080399 and NPN 80076696) from Health Canada.

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