Our micro-algae are successfully applied in hatcheries and aquaculture feed companies around the world. We do not compromise on quality. NutriSpring® is simply the world best quality for the best price. NutriSpring® is supplied as:

NutriSpring Liquid 40
The clean green water culture solution : a liquid 20% dry weight and a shelf life of 3 months stored at 6C.

NutriSpring NannoStar
The ultimate rotifer feed. A frozen paste with 15% dry weight and a shelf life of 18 months when stored frozen.

NutriSpring Lyo Powder
Freeze dried (lyophilized) powder with a shelf life of 24 months

NutriSpring® products can be used for:

  • Cultivation of rotifers
  • Green water technique
  • Enrichment of feed with EPA
  • Feed for mollusks, clams and oysters
  • Coral nutrition

Nannochloropsis is one of the most cultured for use in all kinds of marine animal farms. From shrimp farms to coral nurseries, to larval fish development.

NutrSpring Liquid 40 and NutriSpring NannoStar is the best feed source for all kinds of zooplankton cultures like different kinds of copepods, rotifers, amphipods. It is also used for the culture of mollusks like Croacia clams, and other saltwater clams and oysters.

Extensively used for raising corals and filter feeding organisms. Combined with live zooplankton like rotifers these are the best natural live food for corals and anemones.

In aquaculture, fish hatcheries and nurseries use this micro algae to feed live zooplankton like rotifers and copepods so they will have the proper nutrition to use the zooplankton for raising the fish larvae and fry.

We introduced our company strategy and products for aquaculture in the August 2016 edition of the Hatchery Magazine. Read the full article here.

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NutriSpring® benefits for ornamental fish

If you start feeding NutriSpring to your aquarium, after about a month, you will notice a growth explosion in your microfauna such as, micro starfish, micro feather dusters, baby snails, baby clams, all your live zooplanktons, like copepods and amphipods will start reproducing like never before. Before they would have been subsiding on detritus in your tank, which is a minimal existence for them, you will now witness some of the true glories of the ocean’s micro animals when they have their natural nutrition.

With a cell size of about 2 microns Nannochloropsis is one of the smallest micro-algae species worldwide. This micro-algae has a high nutrient concentration. Besides vitamins and a large range of carotenoids (a.o. violaxanthin and astaxanthin) which will improve the color development of fish and shrimp, Nannochloropsis contains all necessary proteins for rapid and healthy growth of fish and shrimp.

NutriSpring Nannochloropsis is great for enriching live zooplankton before feeding to fish larvae, clam cultures, invertebrates, filterfeeders such as feather dusters, and corals, soft and hard, LPS,SPS etc. This algae will enrich your brine shrimp, copepods, rotifers.

Using NutriSpring to feed your aquarium will not spoil your water quality like frozen dead foods that start to decay almost immediately when you introduce it to your system.

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